Hack: Choose a perfume your Soul Loves???

Hack: Choose a perfume your Soul Loves???

Finding your scent can be tricky. Do you want some thing that makes you feel happy, that suits you! Are you Floral? Fruity? Musky? Woody? Quick tips to help you choose the perfect scent for you.

Scents can be nostalgic taking you back to when you were little sitting in your moms vanity playing with her makeup, the smell of cinnamon might take you to baking with your grandmother. The scent of clean linens could make you think of your wife no matter where you are, a woody scent might remind you of your first kiss.

Do you love wearing the same scent or type of scent every day throughout your life? To the point where it becomes a part of you and your character.

Choosing a signature scent that captures who you are perfectly and what you love, that is the eternal debate! Hope this helps!

Two points you need to know: scent families and fragrance notes. Narrow down what smells you love and then choose your favourite parfum accordingly. Your basic scent families are:


Lemon, grapefruit, orange, apple, peach, apricot, berries Invigorating, clean, bright and light scents. Perfect for daytime


Lavender, rose, violets, lily, carnation and all other flowers Very sweet smelling almost like tasting sugar Perfect for daytime


Masculine, intense and earthy sense Patchouli Moss and Bergamont Perfect for evenings and daytime


Dark musky deep sexy and mysterious Spices hint sense incense Amber vanilla and Musk's Perfect for evenings

Your Fragrance notes are classified as top notes, middle or heart notes and base notes. These notes make up a perfume’s character and have to achieve an agreeable balance. Each note reflects how quickly the scent evaporates, its volatility. Those at the base linger longer while those at the top evaporate fastest. The olfactory pyramid is used by perfumers to represent a perfume’s fragrance notes, each ingredient categorized according to its persistence over time and evaporation rate!